What’s it all about Alfie?


Alfie Allwood has to be the unluckiest dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet! An absolutely beautiful Newfoundland, gentle, with gorgeous soulful eyes. At 1-year-old he has been through more than most dogs go through in their lifetime, We first met Alfie in February of this year when his owner called us for some advice. Alfie was terribly itchy, his skin was irritated and his fur was falling out in places, he was really uncomfortable. He came in to see us and we could see how unhappy he was,  Erica took bloods and sent them off for testing to see if he was allergic to anything, which would explain all the itching, he was sent home with steroids and painkillers to help him until we received the results back.

When his results came back everyone in the practice was really shocked, it seemed Alfie was allergic to pretty much everything he comes into contact with – Potato, peas, sweet potato, carbs, wheat, gluten, dust mites, pollens! the list was endless, it would be far easier for me to tell you what he isn’t allergic too, that list is much shorter! Worst of all for both Alfie and his owners, was that he is allergic to Oak (which their flooring is made  of) and Pine (which their staircase is made of) – so adding to the expense of his meds, it looks like the flooring has to be taken up and replaced, same with their staircase too! The biggest problem though was, what should Nick and Ali feed him? Every complete food in the market has some ingredient that he was allergic to, even all the specialist diets! So the joint decision was made to try Alfie on the BARF (raw) diet, we thought at this point it was worth a try.

2 weeks went by and Alfie came in for a check up to see how he was doing, We were all already in love with Alfie, and when he walked through the door we all smiled from ear to ear, his skin look fantastic and his fur was growing back, he has the odd flare up if he comes into contact with something that disagrees with him, but he was a much happier boy. Nick and Ali are doing a fantastic job of keeping a close eye on what Alfie is fed or exposed to, he looked gorgeous…..little did we know that our journey with Alfie had only just begun……